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110 companies, 28 countries and more than 1700 business encounters during 2017
Vector Pharma, a story of success

In June 2018, for the seventh consecutive year, Vector Pharma, the Business Forum for America and the World will take place in Mexico City, allowing your company to meet one-on-one with other pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and service providers from different parts of the world. Here you may show the added value your company offers to the supply chain of the major laboratories of the world.
Since its first event in 2012, Vector Pharma has been a story of success for nearly 300 companies from over 30 countries, that took advantage of this unique opportunity to enter into business relationships with companies from the American continent, conducting almost six thousand individual business meetings.

Vector Pharma grows year by year and attracts more participants, a proof of which is the fact that 50% of our participants in 2017 were first-time participants. And, per our survey, 63% of 2017's participating companies do have the intention of repeating the following year!

Don't miss the opportunity to meet your future business associates face to face!


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Phone: (+ 52) 55 5135 0586 / (+ 52) 55 5135 7034




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Phone: (+ 52) 55 5135 0586

Phone:(+ 52) 55 5135 7034

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